Do you believe that Belgium can do better when it comes to climate goals? We do! That’s why we are bringing people together to demand higher climate ambitions for our country.

Time For Action

We’re calling on everyone to take action with us. We want to remind politicians that their promises to move towards a socially just and climate-neutral society are proving to be an empty shell.

Help spread the message by building a cairn. This helps show our politicians the way forward.

What are cairns?

The phrase ‘ons steentje bijdragen / apporter sa pierre’ led us to a campaign based on small stones brought together in piles or ‘cairns’.

All around the world – from the Arctic to Africa to the Andes – cairns are used as trail markers, especially on moorland, mountain regions and regions above the treeline. Cairns are also used to mark dangerous places, such as sudden drops or precipices.

Our message:

  • Our politicians are lost, and by building these cairns, we want to show them the way forward. Our cairns will mark the way from the Paris Agreement in 2015 to a strong new Glasgow Agreement in 2021.
  • We use them to signal danger along the expected line of the sea level if temperatures increase by 2°C.
  • The cairns build communities by bringing people together in a creative, collective project and linking each small project to a wider campaign.

On 12 December 2020, it will be the fifth anniversary of the Paris Agreement. This treaty was signed by 197 countries, including Belgium. Now, five years later, we are a long way from the promises made then to keep the planet liveable for all.

We, Climate Express, want to seize this anniversary as an opportunity to remind politicians and business leaders of their responsibility. In addition, we finally have a new government. This is the time to show that we, the citizens, are the decision-makers.

We expect this government to put social recovery measures and a climate-neutral industry first. No more giving billions to business leaders and industries that go only for personal enrichment and do not care about the fate of the planet on which we live. It is also the start of a series of actions culminating in the COP26 in Glasgow, December 2021.

  • Connect people within their communities and between different organisations.
  • Bring the issue of social justice and climate change back into the public debate.
  • Remind politicians that it is the citizens who decide which society they want to live: a society that cares for people and the environment.
  • Bring people together so that they can be heard!
  • Our goal is to limit climate warming to well below 1,5°C. We therefore need stronger 2030 ambitions, in order to be able to reach climate neutrality well before 2040.
  • This is not the end. The climate got already too hot. So, after having reached climate neutrality well before 2040, we need to continue our efforts, in order to reverse climate warming. We need continuous and increasing net fixation of greenhouse gases.
  • We need to develop 100% renewables and climate positive complementary energy sources, a net greenhouse gas fixating agriculture and land management, and near 100% circularity in industry before 2040.
  • In order to achieve a climate positive society, we need to develop transition plans in all production and consumption sectors. A special attention has to be given to the  transition of the greenhouse gas emission-intensive and nuclear industries, where social just and climate durable reconversions need to take place.
  • This profound transition is only possible if popular support is broad. In order to allow all people to buy only durable goods and services, we need a redistribution from millionaires towards a majority of middle and even lower income classes.
  • A warm and inclusive society needs on top of this strong public services and a stronger social security. Some examples are public transport, health care, non-discriminating social benefits,...

We need you!

Take part in the campaign

Do you believe that the government has to be more ambitious? Help make a statement by building a cairn of your own.

What's your reason?

Volunteers have built several cairns and each of them had their specific reasons. But what we would like to know from you: what is your reason to build a cairn?


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