Climate Express is an organisation of volunteers. Together we are building a better world. Thanks to the many commitments -large and small- of motivated volunteers, we are building an organisation with an impact on society. Jump aboard the Climate Express and be part of the growing movement, because to change everything we need everyone. Essers, IneosWillFall, Oosterweel, the curtailment of rail transport, keeping the nuclear power plants open longer, the free trade agreement TTIP and the poor forest policy are all wake-up calls for all of us: it is clear that for our Belgian ministers  a decisive climate policy is not a priority. There is still a great deal of work to be done, a great deal of action to be taken.

That will only be possible if the movement is strong and has many motivated people in its ranks.

Many hands make light work, and many minds have already come up with a genius idea!

Would you like to join Climate Express? There is something for everyone and every talent!